Experimental CNV in the pigmented Dutch belted rabbit penetrated Bruch’s membrane with phagocytosis of the red blood cells by the RPE from its basal side (above). Most RPE cells have become distended from engulfing numerous red blood cells.

     SCLERA LLC provides patented retinal pre-clinical studies that are unsurpassed in scope of services with our team of retinal specialists, surgeons, and veterinary ophthalmologists. Our retinal pre-clinical studies provide unique approaches for testing potential drugs against diabetic retinopathy and aging-related macular degeneration. General ophthalmic tissue analysis along with general toxicology also are available.


From rabbit to monkey: "Experimental CNV in Cynomologous Monkey after Sustained Release of VEGF & bFGF within the Suprachoroidal Space: Part 2 History" Authors: Corinne G Wong PhD, Timothy You MD, Lin Ton MD, Yong Li PhD, James Burke MD, Larry Wheeler PhD, and Corine Ghosn MD. Allergan Inc, Irvine, CA; SCLERA LLC, Carlsbad, CA.

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This hypo-reflective area shows the presence of sub-retinal fluid in the rabbit with experimental CNV.